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Run Coaching Plans | Coaching by Kallup McCoy

Best for runners/walkers needing a structured running and strength plan for any distance (5k to marathon). 

Also great for building a base/foundation.

Evaluation / Meet The Coach
Initial assessment and consultation including discussion of health and past exercise experience, current goals, fitness assessment. (Consultations can be done in person (local clients only), via phone or via zoom).

*A complete, fully customized training plan based on goals, schedule, and your body's adaptation to training plan.
*Coaching tips.

*Final Surge Access & Weekly Training Plan
*Race-day strategies.
​*Recovery tips. 

*Team page /community.

*Updates to your training plan as needed (plans are prepared in 4 week increments).
*Availability to email coach should any questions arise.
*Scheduled weekly communication through email, phone, or video conferencing to discuss, assess and evaluate your training.

Running Outdoors

Monthly Coaching Monthly or QTR Option

Running a Marathon

12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

Marathon Runners

12 Week Marathon Training Plan

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